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If anyone has ever searched online for that perfect gift for their best friend’s new baby, or a new outfit for that vacation they have been planning for months, odds are fairly strong that they have stumbled across a website called Zulily, an e-commerce site based out of Seattle, Washington, that specializes in toys, clothing and household items. Zulily provides an appealing alternative to big-box stores and corporate giant websites, such as Walmart or Amazon. It is also possible that a search for Zulily may also bring up websites that host Zulily reviews. While reviews are often helpful, it is important to understand the reality behind these reviews. It’s also necessary to know the Zulily returns policy and address.

Zulily Reviews – What Are They?

Reviews that an online shopper may find about Zulily are user-written compositions about items that have been purchased through Zulily. These reviews can range in length from a few simple words to several paragraphs. The content is usually not edited nor reviewed for accuracy. Reviews are simply one user’s opinion based on their experiences. As such, anyone reading these online reviews should keep in mind that not everything the reviewer says is completely accurate, the review is simply an opinion.

Why Are They Important?

When online shoppers are searching for items on Zulily, it is not uncommon for them to see the many websites that offer users opportunities to leave reviews. There are several reasons that online reviews are important.

  • Reviews can impact an online shopper’s opinion before they actually experience any interactions with Zulily
  • Reviews are generally opinion-based, and do not always have cold, hard facts to back them up.
  • It can often be difficult to sort real reviews from fake.

Keeping these reasons in mind when reading online reviews will allow shoppers to be able to better understand the impact these reviews can have.

Zulily reviews

How To Understand Them

When an online shopper comes across an online review, there are several actions that can be taken to ensure the information they are reading is accurate and can be put to good use. Shoppers should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Why was the review written? Was the reviewer upset and simply trying to vent their frustration? Or did the reviewer take time to write out both the positives and the negatives of their experience?
  • What was included in the review? Good reviews will have plenty of detail, giving other shoppers important information regarding their experience. Other shoppers will want to see details about the item or service that the review is about, and whether the situation has been resolved.
  • What is the potential impact? Reviews are often read by many other online shoppers, and can have far-reaching positive and negative consequences. A consumer could make a decision on whether or not to make a purchase based solely on a single online review.

By arming themselves with this important information about online reviews about Zulily, shoppers will be better able to sort through the good and bad reviews, and understand the purpose and usefulness of any online reviews.

Zulily is a shopping website that is targeted towards mothers and kids primarily although any woman would benefit from this website. A bulk of the items on Zulily’s websites are boutique and name brand items that are sold at discount prices every day, and they also update their inventory frequently so when a person goes to Zulily’s website, one will find a new set of items in all categories. People can buy kids’ toys and clothing, housewares from well-known brands such as Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid, women’s clothing and jewelry. In order to shop on Zulily you will need to sign up with your name and email address. Zulily also offers discounts and promo codes on their products and customers can take advantage of them by signing up for their email newsletter.

Overall Customer Experience

The overall customer experience for Zulily is mixed with the majority of customers being satisfied with this website’s services. One of the main things customers were pleased with is the numerous deep discounts that are available on the website. Other customers stated that while they are pleased with the prices, they do not like how certain items have a limited quantity while some customers complained about the expensive shipping fees. There were some customers who liked the fact that they could receive $15 off their purchase if they referred others to the website. Customers are also happy about the user-friendliness of the website and the layout.

Just Like An Online Outlet Mall

Zulily offers high-end items at marked down prices and this gives the website the feel of an outlet mall that you would visit in your home. For example, if someone likes Born shoes, she would click on the Born section and look at the latest discounts and purchase the shoes. Zulily also has an “Upcoming Events” feature and this is where certain boutiques and brands are featured for a limited time.

Zulily Sells Items From Independent Retailers

It is not just the well-known brands that are sold on Zulily’s website. You will also find a host of items from up-and-coming and successful independent retailers. One such retailer is Precious Boutique and they specialize in selling beautiful and unique hair bows for girls. Kandy Crew is a successful Australian children’s clothing brand that offers trendy casual outfits for kids. This is another positive aspect of shopping with Zulily.

Practical Advice for Mothers

Zulily also has a blog that offers advice for those shopping on the site. A person may see articles on topics such as choosing the right maternity winter jackets, decorating the home on a budget, picking the best toys for kids of certain ages and the latest celebrity style trends.

Plus Size Fashions Available

These days it is difficult to find stylish plus sized fashions but Zulily carries plus size outfits that look good and feel comfortable according to customers. You will find items such as peasant tops, V neck tops, maxi dresses, capris jeans and shorts, shirt dresses and cardigans. They range from sizes 14 up to 3X.

You Can Access Zulily From iPhone

For those who travel often but want to shop using their devices, Zulily has a mobile app that they can download to the iPhone since there is only an app available for this phone. The mobile app offers the same benefits as those on the regular website and the mobile app has an easy-to-understand layout and site navigation.


Zulily is a convenient shopping website for busy moms and single women who do not always have time to visit local boutiques. This website is also designed for women who are on fixed budgets and who want new ways to save money on housewares, clothing and jewelry. If you are into environmentally friendly items, Zulily has some brands whose emphasis is sustainability in their products. If someone sees certain products that are currently sold out, she can sign up for notification by email so that she will know when the product is back in stock. On average products on Zulily are available for purchase 72 hours and then new items are posted. The payments Zulily accepts include credit cards, Zulily gift cards, Zulily store credit and funds from PayPal.

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